Ohio State’s research community is playing a critical role in developing innovative solutions to address the numerous impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. To help assist in these efforts the Office of Research in coordination with the Office of the Chief Information Officer has developed this website to help connect the people and resources at Ohio State that are moving COVID-19 research forward.

The Research Hub is populated by a survey tool put together in partnership with many units across the university. To provide information on your work and interest, please fill out this tool. If you have questions on the tool or need to update information that has been previously submitted please email covid-IDI@osu.edu.

Ohio State has also launched COVID Commonsa shared computational data resource for researchers, agencies and organizations that are responding to COVID-19 and leading recovery efforts across Ohio. Funded by the Office of Research and the Office of Outreach and Engagement, the database is designed to bridge the gap between varying types of COVID-19 models and datasets by compiling them in one place.

If you have suggestions of resources to include on this site or questions about connecting to COVID-19 researchers at Ohio State, please email us at research@osu.edu.